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Our story 🛤

Dune Analytics was founded in Oslo, Norway by Fredrik and Mats in the summer of 2018. In Oslo we had ~0 potential customers so two weeks later we spontaneously jumped on a plane to attend the very first ETH Berlin 🛫

We knew practically no-one, but were extremely excited to meet the community members. This is where we first met the Dharma team, which we brought on as our first paying customer 3 months later 💪

⏩ Fast forward to late 2019 when we launched the free and open version of Dune, making it easy for anyone to instantly and seamlessly analyse Ethereum data and share their findings with the community.

Since then our growth has been exponential with top teams, researchers, investors and community members across the world now leveraging Dune on a daily basis! 🤙

To date, Dune has been built and operated by the two founders alone. Frankly, we are proud of what we have achieved with a team that can fit on a T-bar lift. However, our user base and ambitions now require a chair-lift size team! 🚡

In September 2020 we raised a $2M seed round from the crypto industry's very best investors including Dragonfly Capital, Multicoin Capital, Hashed, Coinbase Ventures and more. See the announcement here 📈

It's time to take Dune Analytics to the next level and we're incredibly excited to now be hiring for our very first non-founder team members. Join us and help us realise the full potential of Dune Analytics! 💫

Our adventures 🛸

While mostly being based in Oslo we are operating remotely. We love the combination of being at home to focus and build, and every now and then heading out into the world to engage with the global Dune and Ethereum community 🌎

In just two short years, Dune has brought us to Berlin, London, Denver, San Francisco, Osaka, Paris and Praha. We've stayed in some good hotels  and some really bad ones (looking at you SF prices 😤), but had great fun across the globe. 

Our trips have also lead us to skiing (Fredrik loves this), climbing (Mats loves this), eating exciting food, coffee, (quite) a few beers, singing karaoke and so much more fun stuff while on the road ⛷🧗‍♀️🏔

Peep some of our adventures 👀👇

Along with Elon and Kanye, we are on Twitter  🐦